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My personal space in the internet. Here you'll find links to my projects, as well as my boring blog about programming, languages, politics, photography and a bit of anything that crosses my mind.

MiTubo 1.0: playlist support, new “website”

Some news from the MiTubo world:

  • Version 1.0 has been released!
  • It's also available for Windows (boo!)
  • Some basic support for remote playlists
  • New “Check for updates” dialog
  • Added support for translations
  • Added Italian translation, of course
  • Minor cosmetic changes (like using a different unicode symbol for the “Back” button)
  • New web page for MiTubo

Expanding a bit on the . . .  Leger le sequentia

(21/05/2022 12:53)

Mitubo 0.9: multiple concurrent video downloads

It will never stop surprising me how easy it is to implement big new features in a QML application! The assumption here is that the C++ part of the application should be well-written: objects should not be overloaded with unrelated functionalities just because it seems faster to code them that way, but one should rather design classes so that each exposes one functionality, and then QML and javascript act as the glue which binds all the parts together.

In . . .  Leger le sequentia

(05/05/2022 19:16)

Looking for Qt support? Get in touch!

Following The Qt Company's decision to withdraw support for the Russian market, KDAB's geolocation block of its website and Upwork stopping its operations in Russia, there's a likely need of Qt support in the country.

As a developer living in Russia and loving Qt (I spend a considerable amount of my free time on Qt-based projects), I would find it very unfortunate if some companies decided to switch . . .  Leger le sequentia

(13/04/2022 19:11)

MiTubo 0.8: search, channels, watch later queue

It has been a while since I last posted about MiTubo, despite releasing a few new versions in the last months. But now I think that there is enough new stuff that's worth a mention here.

Search on . . .  Leger le sequentia

(10/04/2022 16:06)

L'acqua santa non ritorner

Forse ci che mi ha colpito di pi la scorsa estate, quando sono ritornato in Italia in tempo di pandemenza, stato trovare le acquesantiere vuote. La sensazione provata in quel gesto abituale, stavolta culminato col tocco della pietra asciutta con le mie dita, mi ritorna periodicamente alla memoria e mi infonde un certo senso di incompletezza, decadenza, se non proprio di sgradevolezza.

Sono tornato a rifletterci pi di una volta, e — forse per il fatto di . . .  Leger le sequentia

(03/02/2022 15:30)

Debugging the “Factory mode” of BQ devices in Ubuntu Touch

As you know, I'm trying to get the FM radio to work in Ubuntu Touch, and I basically have it working on the Redmi Note 7 Pro. But then I remembered that the BQ Aquaris E4.5 (which is the first commercial device officially supporting Ubuntu Touch) also comes with an FM radio, so I decided to put some effort in getting that to work, too. You might think it's a waste of time, but as a . . .  Leger le sequentia

(25/12/2021 07:13)

Enabling the FM radio in Ubuntu Touch

I recently realized that my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro, on which I installed Ubuntu Touch not so long ago, has a working FM radio. One of the many psychological bugs of mine is the irrational urge I feel of having my hardware, no matter whether I use it or not, . . .  Leger le sequentia

(07/12/2021 16:41)

QHtmlParser: writing an HTML parser with your brain switched off

While developing MiTubo I've recently felt the need of parsing HTML pages: the first problem I wanted to solve was implementing proper RSS feed detection when the user entered a website URL into MiTubo's search box, so that MiTubo would parse the site's HTML, look for URLs in the HEAD section, and let the user subscribe to any video feeds found there.

A quick search in . . .  Leger le sequentia

(10/10/2021 19:57)

MiTubo 0.3 brings basic RSS support

I just pushed MiTubo 0.3 to the Ubuntu Touch app store, added a link to the AppImage package in the Releases page and later during the night the Launchpad builders should import it and build it for Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04.

This release adds basic support for RSS feeds. One just needs to type . . .  Leger le sequentia

(27/09/2021 20:44)

La premiazione di Maria Shukshina al Cremlino

Il 31 agosto di quest'anno all'attrice russa Maria Shukshina stata conferita una medaglia per “servizio alla Patria” nell'ambito della cultura. A consegnarle la medaglia stato il primo ministro russo Michail Mishustin, che probabilmente per non si aspettava dall'attrice un discorso di questa portata:






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